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Originally Posted by big_blue View Post
Also, could I keep my room correction settings enabled in the Realtek Audio Manager? Or will they always directly affect my Maiko setup? I'd like to have my speakers configured for games and movies, as the rears aren't naturally as present as the fronts (in that they are closer). Or does Exclusive mode's mixer completely override that?
Hi big_blue,

On my system Maiko does not override the Realtek Audio Manager effects (or the similar app for my sound card). Some effects 'play nice' with Maiko and some don't. In fact, I prefer my sound card's equalizer to WA's.

I suggest you try turning off your room correction settings enabled in the Realtek Audio Manage to see if that changes anything. I agree these effects can be helpful with movies and games, but they mostly just interfere with my WA + Enhancer + Maiko setup.

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