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Hi SilverBird775,

I'm still enjoying v.0.53.test.02. I forgot to mention I noticed a bigger variation in the playback start delay on my system using the enhanced resampler. In exclusive mode, when the "Free device when idle" option is enabled the delay is about 65 seconds. When this option is not enabled the delay is about 35 seconds. Of course, it is also about 35 seconds in shared mode.

I guess checking for idle extends the setup time for the enhanced resampler. Maybe you can delay the idle checking until after the enhanced resampler is setup. Then the start delay may take close to the same time, regardless if the "Free device when idle" option is enabled or not.

I don't understand why this option is provided. Why would there be a need to free the sound device in exclusive mode anyway? Sorry if I missed any explanation for this, earlier in the thread (like I did with the Loudness War discussion). I only had this option enabled, because it needed to be in v0.52, to allow mixer matrix changes to be saved between WA sessions.

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