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Shout Cast Radio Missing from Library tab in new Update

Hello everybody. I have a weird problem. I am using 5.6.1 version, which I installed yesterday. And I "used to have" my "Shout Cast" Radio option on the left side under my Library play list for easy access, then I could search stations, etc. But now, it is gone. I can access a Shout Cast Web page from the Winamp browser, but it's awkward, IMO. I also do not have all those "share" buttons, like FB or Twitter. In fact, my skin does not look like the "tutorials." I have double checked the version. SO, I what am missing, either plug in, or some brains? I have used Winamp for many years, but just to play music and listen to the radio. Can someone direct me to what I'm doing wrong? I just want to have that option to find radio stations, and not have to use a browser as it's just awkward, ugh... Anyways. Any help is appreciated so much. Recap: 1. Where is my radio option that was on Media Library tab, and where are those "share" icons? (but mostly my radio stations).
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