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Originally Posted by Morc View Post
I have an annoying problem with Nullsoft Notification Area Control v2.44 [gen_tray.dll]. It's been going on at least since Winamp version 5.63, probably even further back. I have a few MP3 streams in my playlist and if I use the plugin back button to go from one stream to the previous Winamp hangs. If I use the back button on the application it works fine. If I try to go to a stream that refuses connection Winamp goes back to the stream that was played no problem. Next button works fine.
is purely a bug in gen_tray.dll due to it effectively double-pumping the play message which causes the lock-up (just shows how often people use it since it's been doing that since ~2007/8 when i last did it's main update).

check your pm please for a test build to try out in-conjunction with the current v5.65 release..
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