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Originally Posted by ariszlo View Post
Poor guys, they can only be proud of their bitmaps being used in Quinto only for a month or so.
Do I detect some kind of sarcasm in your note? Huh?

Not even for one month - right now I am not planning on adding anything new to the upcoming version, and I am almost finished with modifications (see attached screenshots) right now - hence the next release could be imminent.

Oh, there is something I need to talk to you about - it is loudspeakers. Adding such feature would not be anything new in a skin but I found out how to have perfect quality even after resizing loudspeakers. Perfect clear and sharp at any dimensions. Curious how?

Originally Posted by Dr.Flay View Post
Quite a jump in size from the last one I installed, so I optimised the PNGs.
My version of the wal file is now 4309 KB
You can save a fair bit overall, probably more with a better optimiser. I used old PNG Gauntlet.
Please do not!
I do not spend hours (literally!) day after day drawing gorgeous bitmap files so you can run them through a "crush"-machine and rape them. Yes, it is rape, look for yourself:

"Crushing a PNG" means always removing/deleting/changing pixels - with other words making the image ugly. It is not 1990 - I can assure you that nowadays PC's are definitely capable of handling a 5 (in words: FIVE!!!) MB small file. And as soon as you open the Visualizations window you might see that Winamp uses more than 100MB of your RAM. And you saved how much? 1 (in words: ONE!!!) MB? Is it worth it? I really doubt it!

Originally Posted by ChozoSR388 View Post
Oooh! Love the Vinyl option!
And I am not done yet! As you can see on the attached screenshots I completely redesigned the compact disc case/jewel and the compact disc as well. In addition to this the vinyl's label is this time "self-made" - not a "stolen" image off the internet. And I even like it more than the "Clover" original.

P.S. I removed the NO ART COVER layers for those screenshots. So normally you would see them once you play a song without any covers saved.
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