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I couldn't type for shit in my Into to Computers class this semester (Stupid easy yet required; I wish there was a test we could take to prove we didn't need to waste time and tuition money on it)...Conveniently, it was an 8-week class in the second half of the fall semester from October to December and mine was a 9:10 class...

Being out early and walking outside from the parking lot to the campus building for about 5-10 minutes in the cold? Yeah, it didn't help my fingers at all whether I had them stuffed in my pocket or covered with gloves...It would sometimes take me a second or third try to log in, since I would accidentally misspell my user name or password since my fingers were both stiff and insensitive to the touch...

I get myself back to normal as class rolls along and I'm warmed up, but otherwise on average, it's still below my normal effort ability...

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