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Originally posted by Too-DAMN-Much
my best friend and i have yanked V10s out of their holes with a bored out 4 banger
I think the key there was in part wheelbase. I see cheap-ass Jeep Wranglers pull out behemoth monsters all the time here during hunting season. Long trucks with extended cabs and 8 foot beds bottom out far too easily, even when lifted.

Also, doesn't shift-on-the-fly also work just as well at standstill as the older get-out-and-lock setup? I've had to shift my Tundra (on-fly setup) into 4x4 while stuck and got out. (I had been stuck while getting firewood).

The BEST thing to do that no one remembers to to is to have it in 4 wheel drive AHEAD OF TIME so you don't as likely get stuck in the first place, but, as said before, no one ever remembers to do it.

I thought about a winch, but... then I saw the prices... Maybe someday.

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