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Originally posted by swingdjted
Also, doesn't shift-on-the-fly also work just as well at standstill as the older get-out-and-lock setup? I've had to shift my Tundra (on-fly setup) into 4x4 while stuck and got out. (I had been stuck while getting firewood).

The BEST thing to do that no one remembers to to is to have it in 4 wheel drive AHEAD OF TIME so you don't as likely get stuck in the first place
#1 : i'm fairly sure it depends on the vehicle, i've known a few old shift on the fly that they had to be shifted in motion around a certain speed or it could mess things up, those were fairly old trucks though.

#2 : well... the situation i described, 2 by high was to dig yourself in intentionally and then pop back out with 4 by low.

on lifts and what looks good : it depends to be honest on the truck in question, the jeep MNV linked in his pic looks great with that size tire and lift, the toyota mini we messed around off road in was (originally) a small size truck, not entirely sure how far it was lifted, but it sat on 37 inch tires and looked pretty nice and wasn't really tough to get into, for a small truck, biggest i'd go is mid thirty inches.

however, my dream truck, the big size dodge ram if i could afford it, i'd stick it up on 44 inchers, i figure bigger truck, bigger wheels look right, keep it proportionate.

also, he really lucked out getting a hold of that truck to be honest $7,000 used at the car lot in hillsborough, this truck had everything, literally, it was the kind of truck you find at a used car lot and do a serious double take trying to figure out why it's there, it was definetly someone's baby.

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