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Yes, but it depends mainly on your sound card/chip capabilities & drivers.

Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Plugins -> Input -> MIDI Player plugin -> config:

Device tab:

Change the Device to either your sound card's hardware MIDI synth or to one of the DirectMusic software synths (requires DirectX 8 or higher)

Volume Control:
Default = autodetect
You can change this to None
and then Winamp will never adjust the volume
(note: I have mine set to MIDI)

It could also depend on which Output pugin you're using.
ie. there's a possibility that the problem may only occur if WaveOut is active, but not if DirectSound is the active Output plugin.

Though, as I said, it could just be a limitation of your sound device / drivers or Windows OS, but you didn't provide any of this required information...
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