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Hey Lord_B,
Figured out what is wrong with your skin regarding the drawer. Took awhile. It's really a good idea to give all your Objects IDs. Basically, all of your images are a lot taller than they need to be. I'd recommend cropping all of your images as this would eliminate the problem and reduce your filesize. If for some reason you'd rather not, you can use the Parameter rectrgn="0" in the Layers that are intercepting this click. To find out which Layer is getting the mouse click, give them all IDs, then use CTRL+SHIFT+RightClick on the drawer. It will pop up a little window telling you what is being clicked on. Using this technique, I found that your Main-Buttons-Back Layer was getting the mouse clicks. I added rectrgn="0" to it, did it again, another Layer was getting the clicks. Keep doing that until your drawer is clickable.
Sorry, don't really know a workaround for that opacity/tranparency issue. Next time I boot up in XP(which is pretty rare), I'll check it out.
Also, do you plan on controlling your Songticker with MAKI? Right now it only displays "Phoebe Forever". Setting the default to anything other than "" keeps it from showing anything else, at least in my experience.
rfx32, I think you can use animated gifs, but I'm not too sure how they're handled in the XML or MAKI. If you use a png, the h and w in your XML should be the height and width of one frame. And yes, I'm pretty sure you can make that EQ.
lunarboy1, sorry, haven't gotten around to learning Lists yet.
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