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Exclamation Script Updates and More!

Alrighty, as I said a few posts back, it's getting nearly impossible to find a specific script when you need it. My solution?
MAKI Scripts
I've added a collection of MAKI scripts to my webpage. Aside from the 2 scripts that hammerhead contributed(thanks again ), it is mostly scripts I have written for this thread. I also snagged some of the more useful ones from the Tips & Tricks thread(if any of the authors have a problem with their scripts being there, contact me and I'll take it down).
I've updated a few of the scripts found here, particularly the Seek and Volume scripts. Hollow, you'll be glad to know that I've finally gotten into the habit of not using hidden Sliders
Basically, they're all the same scripts you could find here(or better) and it's easier to find what you need, so go check it out! I'm not abandoning this thread, it is still useful for troubleshooting scripts or helping people learn to make their own scripts, but I'll probably be putting any future scripts there. If anyone has any script contributions or requests, both are always welcome.
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