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It's more of an overall UAC thing, which has a nice side effect of solving the Vista user shortcuts problem.

The way this plugin works is the following:

1) First, the NSIS script needs to say it wants user privileges, not admin privileges.
2) The NSIS installer launches, and quickly calls its .onInit code (no form has shown by this point yet). That code makes a new process and attempts to elevate it to admin mode. Anders calls the first process the outer process, and this second process the inner process.
3) If needed, a UAC or Run As dialog is shown. After that, the inner process should be elevated to admin access. Then this admin/inner process can display. This is the main installer app that users will see. At this time, two processes are running. One as a user, another as an admin.
4) Now that you have an admin process, you can continue to let your script do its thing. If you ever need to do something at a user level, you do it through the UAC plugin. For example, UAC::Exec can execute something with user privileges and not admin privileges.

With all this in place, you can do some system calls to create a shortcut as a user. Personally, I think the UAC plugin should have some extra features added on, such as UAC::CreateUserShortcut or something like that. But then, Anders has been working really hard on just getting the bugs worked out of the current plugin...I'm just happy he's providing a fairly clean solution compared to the really ugly alternatives out there in the Vista world.
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