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Yeah, I have already thought about adding stack support. The problem is, you can't send a message the other way without reducing the security of the admin instance

As for changes to the run-as dialog, those are way down on the list, you are only supposed to see that dialog if you are non admin with uac off. And I'm not sure if using my dialog is smart on 2k/xp, I don't know how much it changes if the machine has a custom GINA and stuff like that. Maybe I could implement some sort of show function callback and you could do whatever you want to my dialog

This thing was really just to support starting a process on the finish page, not sure how smart it is to add to much support for other stuff. Duplicating every NSIS api call to provide proper feedback is just too much work. The outer instance never gets past .onInit so there are no DetailPrints i can just "steal" from the listview either and there is no way to hook into the nsis calls as far as i know

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