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There's a program called autohotkey, it runs small scripts which can do quite much. I am sure that will be able to handle your problem.

I am using this program to route some special keys on my keyboard since logitech's software is llame

And the scripts starts running once you just double-click on them. Tray-icon is optional and once you're done playing you can just go to tray and close the script. Should be pretty easy way to handle it imo.

Install the little program that enables you to run these scripts and then take the following code:



Copy and paste it to a file called disable_winkeys.ahk or something like that. (AHK is assosiated with Autohotkey once it's installed, all you need to do is to either double-click the file itself, or just make a shortcut to it.

09 F9 11 01 9D 74 E8 5B D8 41 56 C3 63 56 81 C0

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