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First of all, lol @ myself.
My initial post (and preset pack readme) was so full of hurt and self-pity... Reads like a depressed 13-year-old wrote it! I think I am going to change that a little bit! I am amazed milkdrop is still the standard for trippy home music viz, I would have thought something else would have taken over by now. Magnetosphere totally doesn't compare. Where is milkdrop3d already?!? I didn't even know if my presets would work without the beta dll...
I am so glad someone is looking at them besides me! I always knew milkdrop was something special... I'm not surprised the creator went on to something so huge.
Flexi: Yes, I messed around with some fragments of my own, but I really don't have the math chops to really know how and why everything is working. I always wanted to pursue this avenue of art/technology. Remixing is always something I've enjoyed, but I've always wanted to write my own from scratch, and never gotten up the courage to do it. Are you still creating presets? Is your career related to technology or music or both?
much love,
PS thanks for all the kind words!
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