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Is anyone from Nullsoft / AOL actually monitoring this thread and all the excellent feedback that people are leaving, or the Feature Request Survey originally mentioned ( for that matter? I ask because I haven't seen any comments by tejasmi5 or any other Nullsoft people since the first page.

If anyone is still listening, I'd be interested to know the status on this:

Originally Posted by marvin_rock View Post
Forgot to add on my survey

3 - the ability to choose where media is synced to on the root of the SD card - currently puts it in root:\<artist> - which makes an ecclectic collection blow up my SD card!
... which was posted back in October, as was tejasmi5's reply:

Originally Posted by tejasmi5 View Post
@marvin_rock: thanks, we captured the last request and are already looking at ways to solve this for all users.
There is a newer thread on a related subject, which again has not seen any feedback (yet) from Nullsoft:

To me, this is a show-stopper, as is the lack of proper podcast support.
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