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oh ok mad! thx!
i think i wait to another release
i have a empty mp3 file for this problem in the playlist.

it only works if I restart it daily.
because the next day he ignores the simple and plays from the default playlist. I once the priority set to 3. let's see

<event type="playlist">
<playlist loopatend="1" shuffle="1" priority="3"> leerfile </ playlist>
<calendar starttime="15:50:00" endtime="23:00:00" repeat="128" />
</ event>
<event type="playlist">
<playlist loopatend="0" shuffle="1" priority="2"> standard </ playlist>
<calendar starttime="23:00:00" endtime="15:50:00" repeat="128" />
</ event>
<EventList />

The next problem we have is to catch Sat & Sun by 10 clock to.
greets, Kurt
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