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How can make NSIS to download and run a file without user intervention?

Hi there,

I am new to NSIS.

My installation would like to give the user a selection of available components and each component links to an installation from my website. When the selection is made, I would like NSIS to download the files and run them without any user intervention.

1) The checksum of these files should be verified at the end of the download against a checksum log from my website, such as a TXT file
2) These files need to be run at a certain order, not just FIFO style
3) These files should be stored in a temp directory by default so that they won't take up resource when the installation is finished
4) Before the actual download, the user can request to save these files to an user directory so that they can transfer them to another PC

Can someone be so kind to give me some pointers on how to get this done?

Thanks a lot!
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