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Originally Posted by AnthologyWeb View Post
The thing is that the 2.5 version was working very well.
They wanted to make it better, ok that's a good thing but they released the new version and it is a total mess and they want us to pay for that !
Why they didn't make tests before for a needed time, months, a year ?

They drive me up the wall with that and above all they don't reply anymore to the emails we send !

Icecast is good but i'd like to find an advertiser, if I find one i leave shoutcast.
Yep exactly. I’d have to find a host that hasn’t upgraded to 2.6 yet. Even so, I won’t be able register the hash on 2.5. So really no choice. And yea making us pay for AAC on 2.6. I found out when I was trying to connect and it kept disconnecting. Check the logs and it says it needs to be paid. Either way, I agree with what you said too. It sucks. And payments were always late.

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