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Maybe being a moderate, I would have to agree with the consevatives here. McDonalds is a more dire threat to public health than this.

When I was a kid, STDs were called VD, and they were sort of a laughing matter nicknamed the "fungus-among-us". Take drugs for a few days and things went away. Many times that left us sterile, so much the better right?.

Then we figured out that the gays were dying of some unknown plague that we now call AIDS. The "clap" became penicillin resistant. Incurable herpes went nuts. The drugs to fight gram negative venerial diseases give you cancer. What syphillus does to babies born to infected women is a cruelty that I never want to witness again.

Some of us figured out that keeping our pants on was a good idea.

The rest of us taught you kids stupidity.

Teaching people that being promiscuous has a dire cost is absolutely correct.

Punishing them for making bad choices is not. BUT dedicating resources to save people from a behavior that they are well aware is risky and a half.

Sorry. My money goes to innocents.

Cure AIDS?. Nope. It's 100% preventable. Don't use IV drugs and don't be a homosexual. The people that got it from blood transfusions are all dead.

The BIs keep it in our beds.

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