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Zoom Academy of Superheroes

Tim Allen is back as the has-been superhero 'Zoom'. He is convinced to train a team of kids to become what was his old team of super do-gooders back in the day, who's biggest failure was Zoom's own brother 'Concussion' who turned evil from the gamma 13 radation used by the goverment. Courtney Cox is the professor who had a crush on Zoom, but finds he is a bitter reflection of what she hoped he would be. This is a good movie for the kids and is even half decent for the adults to watch. I say rent it.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

The Departed - Directed by Martin Scorsese


Not a 'family movie' but a great action flick and a top-knotch cops and robbers movie. Swearing galore, violence, and drugs, so be forewarned.

Billy Costigan (Leonardo Decaprio) is a determined young cop who meets up with Detective Dignam (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellerby (Alec Baldwin) and is convinced to go under cover to penetrate the Irish Mafia led by Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). Costello also has a mole on the inside of Massachusetts State Police, Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) who is quickly rising to a position of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU). The twists and turns and double-crossing send you reeling for hours as you watch the lives of the undercover cops on opposing sides of the law, continue to hit and miss while trying to discover each other's indentities. Definately a good action movie.

Rating = 4.5 Stars

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