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fake? Not realistic?


The summary though it may sound extreamist, is quite within the design specs as currently outlined and in work.

Both AMD and INTEL are working INDEPENDENTLY with Microsoft on this project. There are currently various levels of implementation scheduled, NOT ONLY PLANNED...

The things that have been talked about as a warning here are also what is actively being worked on according to actual TRADE publications in the HARDWARE WORLD... Various engineering publications have had articles about designing to Paladium specifications for example.

One thing many chip vendors are upset about is that the first stage was supposed to be in place for a little while... The chips have gone into production already, and now the schedule has been bumped up so the next generation chips will already need to be made and these will then be used in mother boards instead of the already built chips! Vendors are now looking at other lower security devices for these already built chips... Settop boxes for Sat. and other digital TV uses, Internet appliances, cell phones, portable digital music players... ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that has the potential for using DIGITAL copyrighted source material is VERY LIKELY going to have the chips built into it for the hardware encryption to GUARANTEE licsencing verification cabability. All of this is from the FIRST STAGE of the Paladium movement.

Remember I said the first generation chips WILL NOT go into the computers as they had originally been built for...

Paladium has advanced quicker than it had originally been thought of as feasable. In the future, the more advanced hardware chips will probably replace the 1st generation chips which will be used in the NON-COMPUTER applications. Economics dictate it is cheaper to produce LARGE quantities of one type of chips than smaller quantities of TWO types of chips. It will be thus cheaper to put the more advanced Paladium chips in the cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, DVD players, etc... in the future after the first generation device's supply is exhausted.

So... just briefly... NO... it is very possible all the bad sounding things can happen in the name of computer and internet security. And MUCH MORE will happen because the technology will then be there to make it easy to do.

Hope you all have your CD and DVD burners already too!
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