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FYI: u can delete individual tag types with winamp by unchecking the boxes that say "include this tag" when you do file info. also, its easy to mass delete tags with mp3tag, just set it up in options so all but id3v2.3 is set to be removed, then remove tags. i don't know the app you used.

as to your issue, its a weird one. you need to carefully check your winamp preferences, and your files tags. make sure in mp3tag that all your files actually have tags, and have the info filled out.

check your winamp preferences and tell it to NOT guess at metadata when scanning. it is possible that winamp is using the folder name to fill out the artist field in the winamp DB.

you will probably need to clear your DB and rescan when you have all the prefs set properly.

Egg, DrO, any ideas here?

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