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TERRIBLE Experience With Shoutcast for Business

Welp My 1 Year Shoutcast for Business Plan Ends Tomorrow And I Won't Be Renewing For This Complete and Utter Trash Service! How Do You Expect Someone to Pay For A Service That Is Broken More Than It Actually Works??? It's Such A Crappy Service So Many Better Options Out There That ACTUALLY Work. Shoutcast Has So Many Outages and Issues Here That My Station Can't Be Success Here. So I Have Set My 3 Stations Up With A Different Service (which is amazing by the way). The Shoutcast Directory Is Full Of Stations That Don't Even Broadcast Anymore. That Shows That They Are Losing So Much Money & User. Fix This Horse Shit Service And Maybe I Will Come Back And Spend Money With You But Until Then Someone Else Is Getting My Money. As For The Company You FAILED!!!...

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