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Hey there,
I'm a totally newbie in programmation. I wanna create an EQ with color and design for Winamp. Black with a lot of stripes.I wanna create the same EQ that I use at my's a cool one. I just wanna know what program do I need?VB6?I downloaded Super PiMP from and I didn't find .exe to run it normal?

Second project, create a totally new design for Winamp. Check my Mixer at my school ( and I would like to recreate the same interface for Winamp.This is not a skin!All buttons on the console will work!Trim, EQ, AUX...all!Also Low cut(- of 75 Heartz!) MY question is...can I do this?Or it's a totally new program??If I can, how???

Thanx for any replys,

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