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i'm pretty sure the burning solution which was used didn't do CD Text (it could read but not write iirc).

CD Text is limited in what can be stored (as per so depending on what was done in Winamp, the following is what could be populated:

Title, Genre, Performer (Artist i assume?), Composer (i can't check what was already exposed / mapped under the currently available solution, but i'm pretty certain it's limited to a few fields).

what will happen with the next Winamp release is not clear as i've already implemented a non-Sonic based solution which is handling CD playback and CD Text reading (using the OS as much as possible to leverage what we don't need to re-code), but the whole burning feature is low on the todo list of things to be replaced with some sort of solution (whether it's another provided engine or a self-written solution which is simpler to do now that we're only an XP+ program).

above post wasn't there when i'd started replying.
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