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Execute Function Until a window comes pop up


I am working to close WFP (Windows File Protection) window
and find a solution in this forum to close WFP i need to call a function -closeWFP that can close WFP.

so what is my problem:

as you know WFP appears when you are trying to delete/modify protected files

so in my installation i need to delete a dll and after that it takes 5-10 seconds to WFP appears and if i call function before it pop nothing happend

for this issue i use sleep 10000 (ms) command bedfore calling -closeWFP

but i want to know
1) is there any way for me to detect WFP window and then call -closeWFP?


2) Is trhere any way to still running closeWFP function untill WFP window pop?

3) do you have any other suggestion for me?
i need your help urgently
Thanks in advanced
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