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Skins listed in blocks

Hello !

I run the latest version of Winamp, 5.666 fully patched and have downloaded the plugin which allows the Skin Manager.

Since I upgraded one of my laptops to Windows 10, all my skins are set in alphabetical blocks. I have not clicked that option in skin preferences (blocks of 20 skins, etc...) but still I can't have all my skins listed simply in alphabetical order but without blocks, like I had in Win7.
Another laptop is still running Win7, and all my skins (over 600) are listed in alphabetical order but without separation or blocks, it's just a whole list from 0(zero) to Z, and of course the Classic skins are mixed with the Modern skins. I like that.
How can I go back to the way it was? Does this have anything to do with Windows 10 or with the fact that Winamp isn't supported any longer ?

Hoping to hear from you soon,

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