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Post NsisMultiUser plugin

Hello to the community!

Recently I spent some time improving Ricardo Drizin's NsisMultiUser plugin, which extends the original MultiUser plugin included in NSIS and which uses the UAC plugin.
Now you can use this to have per-user and per-machine installs in your scripts!

  • Not tied or dependant on any particular user interface. Supports Modern UI 1/2, ModernUIEx, Ultra Modern UI, the native NSIS interface, as well as any other interface that supports nsDialogs pages.
  • Includes fully functional demos for all supported interfaces that you can use as skeletons to start your scripts from.
  • Support for 64-bit installations
  • Correctly creates and removes full registry uninstall information like icon and estimated size (separate per-user and per-machine entries)
  • Fully supports silent mode, command-line switches and error level handling
  • Fully documented


Maybe this plugin can be part of the NSIS package some day
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