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The value of it because of who signed it and who it was signed to isnt all that's behind the value.

It's the ONLY ONE in existance. The harder something is to find (ie: the ammount that are made), the more it's gonna cost to buy, and the more it will sell for.

Doesn't matter if it's autographed by him or not. It's the rarity and uniqueness of it. I would love to be someone who has the ability to say that I own something hat NO ONE else does.

Similar to that, I am on a quest of my own. I want to own a genuine 18th century (1700's) coin from the US. Yea, people have them, but they're still damn rare (and expensive, even at good quality). Closest I currently have is an 1805 US half cent.

How many people do YOU know that have something that rare and unique? That's what it's all about, for me, anyways.

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