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Here's the full list (contains 2 more)

MuchFX2 (DSP plug-in stacker), by Marc S. Ressl:

DSP Stacker, by Spacial*Audio Solutions:

Multiple DSP Stacker:

MultipleDSP plug-in, by Sander Schutten:
[edit] dang, this one appears to be dead [/edit]
[edit2] aah! Gotcha! (source) [/edit2]

Hmm, what's this all about then?
Nullsoft DSP Library v0.1
I wonder how old that one is, lol

It is implemented by installing one of these plugins.
I think you'll find it's the same with most other players,
eg. dsp manager in fb2k = foo_dsp_extra.dll (standard dsp array plugin)
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