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The bitrate does not have anything to do with the volume.

If a file sounds louder, that means that it was recorded louder.

Winamp has a feature called replaygain:
Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Playback

You will first need to scan all your files: Winamp will store replaygain info in the file's tags and if replaygain is enabled, it will adjust the volume such that all songs play at a similar volume level.

You can scan your files by right-clicking them in the playlist editor or Media Library > Send to > Replaygain.

More info:

Alternatively, you can directly change the volume of the files by using MP3Gain.

With MP3Gain the change is permanent: whenever you play the file, in any application. With replaygain you can choose to enable or disable it, in Winamp preferences.

Good Winamp plugins by Joonas, DrO and shaneh.
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