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Originally posted by Twilightseer
Where I live (France), DMC4 on the PS3 is sold at 70 Euros.
I purchased it from a Canadian store and got it for 45 Euros with shipping included.

Go Canada!
It would be nice to leverage my currency's power for a good deal the only thing is that being an American my dollar has been depreciating fast amidst the credit crisis. So even the Canadian loonie is worth more then my buck.

Originally posted by P$ycHoâ„¢
i play on the pc because

a) i don't like consoles very much (except ps3 which is pretty good)
b)don't have an own tv
c)cuz i can! (new PC with enuff power)

but i think you can play it pretty well on the ps3 with keyboard and mouse. imo the game is too fast for controller.
According to the system requirements I can barley run it on my notebook. However my PS3 can run it roughly equivalent to a high end PC. So theres a good likely hood I'll check it out, be it by gamefly or that I buy it.
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