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Originally posted by LoRd_MuldeR
On your custom page you simply put a "DirRequest" control, which allows the user to choose the desired folder...

There are also examples in the "NSIS\Examples" folder
LoRd_MuldeR, I am also facing a similar challenge (ask the end user select a directory). I found the examples you were referring to for InstallOptions, but I prefer using the nsDialog approach.

Which means that, instead of a "DirRequest" control inside a custom dialog, I am using NSIS's pre-made nsDialogs::SelectFolderDialog.

However, I am having some weird problems, as described in this post. Apparently it's not that simple - or it is simple but I am missing something really fundamental.

Any suggestion as to how to proceed from here? Perhaps I should have taken the DirRequest approach?
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