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I don't know if you'll find it any more useful, entertaining or factual than anything our politicians say.

If you believed in Obama "change" or the Sarah Palin "death panel" you weren't any less gullible. In listening to anyone with an agenda, finding the truth requires scrutiny.

Unless you were watching Michael Moore or Al Gore who go beyond selective reporting of facts to actual fabrication. Unless you listen to Sarah Palin where an attempt to look realistically at death and dying issues becomes a "death panel".

I have found very little in Alex Jones movies that was presented as fact that wasn't. It's his theory of a malevolent "New World Order" that's over the edge.

My opinion is that it's possible with the best intentions and altruism to end up with fascism.

Land of the free... home of the brave... and handily the biggest jailer with increasingly militarized police on the planet.

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