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Actually, when camping you put a pot of water on the fire, put the coffee right in the water andf let it boil. Good cup of coffee!!
That's the sort of percolator I have. U can toss it on a fire or use a stove. It's pretty ugly looking from being burned in a fire enough times, but it still works. You gotta really get a good boil going to get all that good coffee juice out. Folgers in a drip machine comes out too mild.

Douwe Egberts.... I bought some of that in a specialty grocery a while back. It's one of the very best of it's kind.

The economy is playing hell with small roasters and coffee shops just like everything else, but I always found it useful to seek them out. I'm still drinking some Kenya AA that I got before my local coffee house went out of business. This leaves freaking Starbucks. It's not like I even mind giving $15 a pound for good stuff. I mean it's got to drive the price of my morning espresso up to $.50. Good coffee is about one of the cheapest ways to spoil yourself in my book.

For normal coffee in a drip machine, I'd either get Farmer Brothers or MJB.
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