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Cooking poultry or pork is very problematic on a BBQ. It's almost impossible with charcoal. "Low and slow" with a gas grill is possible.

Still, meat that is going to make you sick usually betrays itself with color or smell. It's spendy to toss dank food. You might think twice though.

Against advise, I still eat raw oysters after careful inspection.

Salt and sugar in a good marinade are probably a good choice too. You can avoid surface bacteria with both.

Eating a raw pork chop or chicken? Yuk! I would just cut it and say "Fuk! It's freaking raw!"

Lets not turn meat into leather.

You don't need a thermometer, you need common sense.

Don't be paranoid. The temperature guidelines above would lead you to meat that is well prepared.

Don't freak
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