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I undercook everything by 10F. I've not died yet.

Food cooks while it rests; generally about 10F.

Rare red meat is 140F. Restaurant grade is 130F-135F. Most chefs cook it to 120F-125F and let it sit for the waiter. By the time it reaches you, it's done.

I believe people/giudes also suggest lamb is 160F. This is total bullshit. My wife's family is first generation from Greece; 160F is well done. We always cook it to about 140F, just like read meat, which means let it hit about 130F and pull it.

As for this article ... the main reason to cook pork to 160F is mainly because of trichinosis. Anyone remember the last documented case of trichinosis in the US? Didn't think so. I cook pork to about 140F as well, which means it gets pulled at 130F...

Meningitis in pork? That's just not normal. Something was wrong with that pig. It was either fed shit (literally) or it was sick itself.
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