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160F is well done.
Yeah. No kidding. I like lamb a little pink..... just barely... Another thing people always overcook is venison and elk. I think tainted meat usually betrays itself with smell or appearance. Being a fan of raw oysters and steak tartar, I haven't gone wrong yet.

Knock on wood.

I'll bet you a buck I would have thrown away pork rancid enough to hurt this guy.

If it looks like shit and smells like shit, I wouldn't eat it in the first place.

The biggies are Salmonella, Listeria Meningitis, and Toxoplasma. These each kill about 1500 people a year in the US. Driving is far more dangerous than food. "Slip and fall" kills more people than food.

Life isn't safe.

I remember watching the news a while back. They had a 5 minute article on how not to kill your kids by having a TV on an unstable cart fall. Of course, that only happens about once a year.

We could replace all these public service minded announcements with:

You have a brain. Use it.
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