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Anyway, when using a modern skin under Windows 7 (and maybe 8.1) the window for the classic main player is opened off screen (in an area outside the visible area for your screen's resolution). I don't know why Winamp needs to do this, even though all skins are just graphic images for the same underlying user interface. But, this is why you don't see an image of the selected modern skin in the taskbar view and when using <Win+Tab> to cycle thru open desktop apps under Windows 7
its 'offscreen' irrespective of the Windows version as its due to how the modern skin plug-in was implemented to allow for plug-ins to still work with Winamp (as the native classic skin windows are always there even in modern skin mode but some are more special than other windows and is why some visual quirks have been known to happen).

it wasn't ideal and could have been done differently so it'd have worked better with the newer Windows features but that wasn't something envisioned at the time with plug-in compatibility seen as a higher thing (despite plug-ins already being on the wane at the time) and who knew what Windows was going to do years later.

as for the issue seen, things were changed in 5.66x to try to resolve it though there must still be a timing issue with things that are preventing the classic EQ window from being hidden and the option of force hiding the EQ window in classic skin mode and then going back to modern was the best way to ensure its not shown.
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