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Holy crap gaekwad2, still up to your old tricks, eh?

Originally posted by gaekwad2
This is a long discussion, but let's just sum it up as:

Based on what Ron Paul's said, he "believes in" evolution, but doesn't accept a non-Godly source of life (which is not the same thing as evolution -- although the source of the "I don't accept evolution as a theory" quote is a question about creation).

Here's the real thing to talk about, though: It doesn't matter what he thinks about evolution, because it wouldn't matter in how he'd run the executive branch of the Federal government.

Originally posted by gaekwad2
Oh, and you didn't know of when he was pandering to white supremacists* either?
Sigh. What would it take to make it obvious that the man isn't racist? Some NAACP President who's known the man for a long time to say he isn't racist? Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen.

Originally posted by gaekwad2
(stormfront still loves him btw)
Nice logical fallacy there. Guess that means, say, God is a racist too, considering the number of Christians that are bound to be on that forum, right? Right?

That's a big ol' heap o' Fail.

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