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Enqueue Multiple Folders

I've been using winamp for a number of years and just recently upgraded to the most recent release (5.63). It was not an in-place upgrade, but rather a clean install after removal of the old version.

I have a fairly large collection of music consisting of 8000+ files in 500+ folders. In the previous version of winamp I was using (5.52), I could ctrl-A and right-click the entire set of folders, select "enqueue in winamp", and be listening to everything in a jiffy.

The problem: Since upgrading to 5.63, the context menus for winamp disappear if I select 16 or more top-level folders (sub-folders do not make a difference). I've tried selecting various groups of folders to determine if it is a any one particular folder, but that has made no difference. The menus all show up if I right-click a set of 1-15 folders, but the 16th folder removes everything.

I am able to circumvent this problem by dragging all the folders directly into the playlist editor, but I would certainly like to have my context menus back for this task.

Any help would certainly be appreciated.
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