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Just modified the System plugin so that the 't' type specifier acts like a TCHAR*, that is, it will be an ANSI string in the ANSI version of NSIS, but will act as a wide-char string (Unicode string) in the Unicode NSIS.

I introduced an 'm' type specifier to specify an ANSI string. Why 'm'? Well, I can't do 'a' or 's'. So 'm' stands for multi-byte string which ANSI strings can be (although, usually not). Also 'm' looks like an upside down 'w' which stands for wide-char string.

This means that the conversion from your ANSI NSI script to the Unicode one will be mostly straightforward file conversion unless you were naughty and used the ANSI Windows API specifically, such as MessageBoxA. Some Windows API like GetProcAddress only take ANSI strings, so you should still look at your System calls carefully.

The new version is dubbed 2.38.1. You know where to get it.

I've also added an FAQ page ( If there are any missing topics you'd like to see or there's some erroneous info, please e-mail me.

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