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Originally posted by Nunzio390
But I know of no plugin that will do what is highlighted in bold where I quoted you above. Now, if DrO spots this thread, and then if he is so inclined (and if it's even possible), he may decide to add an option like that to his Time Restore & Autoplay plugin. But DrO has a lot under his belt right now, so I wouldn't really press him on the issue.
er, actually there is a way already

assuming you've loaded in your playlist from one main file (though it will also work for multiple playlists just it's a bit longer to do), you just need to load that file into the jump to file extra queue (either via the jtf dialog right click menu on the manage page or on the jtf->enqueue list page in the winamp prefs, and select the 'load playlist into queue' option. just select the same file you loaded into the winamp playlist and it should then load everything in as it is. then select 'randomise queue' from the right click menu and there you go, a randomised but still properly sorted playlist

/mental note: i really should add an option to just do this with a single menu item

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