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Re: a question

Originally posted by mikeflca
I don't mean this to sound anal or anything, really I'm curious.

god is just, and loving, right? why would such a god send people to hell to suffer forever simple because during their lives on earth, they made a mistake in not believeing in (or loving) him? couldn't they right their wrongs, so to speak? ie, after dying, and realizing they were wrong, promise to, i dunno, love him?
If you subscribe to the idea that Hell is being seperated from God, then it is just. God is just giving those people what they wanted. They didn't want God while they were alive, they don't get him when they're dead.

I can't believe that people said God should have just made everyone a bunch of robots that love him.
Try this experiment: program your computer to tell you that it loves you every ten minutes. Let me know how much more loved you feel.
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