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I have read this forum extensively. This is the same question I have been searching for an answer to since Winamp 2. Even older CD stereos have a "Smart Shuffle" feature where you can put in a CD, it will play random tracks, playing each track once until it plays them all. I REALLY wish Winamp could do this with a full playlist. I don't know how to program, but it seems possible to make a plugin like this using math. I know that iTunes can keep track of how many times a song is ever played. If Winamp can do this, and store the info in an ID3, then all the plugin would have to do is go through the playlist, and play the least played songs until they are all up to the same number of plays. When all songs have played the same number of times (say 3), the "shuffle" plays a random song. Then proceeds to play all songs in the playlist until they have all been played 3 times. I'm really surprised this hasn't been implemented into Winamp so far by way of a "Smart Shuffle" feature. I suggested it way back when. But perhaps it never got noticed. Maybe someone out there reading this thread knows how to create this type of plugin?
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