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Hi, I need help (again). I've just added my my out-of-rotation folder to the ml db to take advantage of ml caching in dynamic library. I'm having to edit all of my scripts to accomodate this. There are 3 scripts I use that follow the same format, and I need to edit them so that they include only songs from "E:\Music\". How do I fix this? I get errors when I add filename has E:\Music AND... Thanks very much.

x = playlist.getselection()
if ubound(x,1) > 0 then
mlq = medialibrary.runqueryarray("artist = """ + x(1).artist + """")

i = 0
for each track in mlq
i = i + 1
swapitems mlq(i), mlq(Int((ubound(mlq,1)) * Rnd + 1))

for each track in mlq
if strcomp(track.filename, x(1).filename) <> 0 then
end if
end if

sub swapitems(ByRef val1, ByRef val2)
set temp = val2
set val2 = val1
set val1 = temp
End Sub
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