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While I will agree that the whole CD thing is stupid, it does do something to help combat piracy. In my opinion, the piracy of games is something small considering all the things done to stop it. While there are a few people I know of who will steal games, the only reason why they steal them is because they are college students (who have joined the "game industry") and they are not rich to pay 50-60 bucks for them. I do think that games should not require CDs for them to play, but instead, have a game tied to a credit card so that if someone else uses a copy of your game (There would be a encrypted piece of data on the CD during install) , you would be automatically charged for that CD being used somewhere else (you would be able to add/delete computers from a web interface for transitioning to a new computer). That would be an absolute thing to stop piracy, and it would work. But I am just rambling here. Just know that if you justify downloading a PC game just so that you can "try before you buy" will lead to more "why should I buy when I can download instead" and leaving people like me with out a job.


Yeah, that's pretty much it. :-\
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