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Originally posted by Doggy Dog
Why thank you JFASI, I would've loved to say that your sucks ass too, but it's too classy for the average noob. You obviously haven't seen as much of them as I have (and I've seen all that were released on in the last, what, 2 years. And at least 60% of them before.

Let's see. For proper noobness, you shouldnt've used wrap, despite the name of the movement clearly saying that you should use it. And there should be at least 3 of them. Preferably all over the preset, but "in a row" is nice. One of them should be "source map", and one of them should have "rectangular coordinates" unclicked. Cos you don't want a square preset. Duh. Changing the angle of the Dot Fountain is for wimps and pussies. Keeping the original colours was correct though. Those new apes are for pussies too. On beat, on CS is nice though, but Multi Filter HAS to be on beat too ! And in the beginning of the preset. So that you have a nice triple chrome all over your preset. Additive blend is the n00bs friend too. It can't be shiny enough.

Et voila ! True poop !

I dunno. Are we trying to make n00b presets from the standpoint of technical n00bishness, or do they just have to look like crap? I think the holy grail would be to get both.
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