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Originally posted by SoulSeekerUSA
I would agree with you if it was in the free version ONLY but I paid for the pro version and I don't think I should have to get hammered with adverts.
You know when you pay $20 for a DVD, you get home, put it in the player and get stuck with adverts and trailers that you can't skip through before you get to the main feature, what do you do then?

Besides, it's hardly 'hammering' you with them is it?, they are relatively small banner adverts in certain sections of the media library ( an optional install by the way)

I see more adverts in both free and paid for things every day in life than I ever see in Winamp.

If they were popping up on every button click or track change I'd be annoyed, but as they don't.....

Mayyyyyybe it's time for a third tier winamp download....

You could have...
Free .. As it is now...
Pro.. get all the rip/burn stuff, but no online media access
Extreme .. get all the above + online media @ premium price = profit

Remember where you heard it first if AOL start this, I want a percentage
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